"Report" View : Format Data

Build your report

You can reduce the "Visualisations" and "Fields" windows by selecting the small pointer arrow at the top right of each window. When you edit visualisations, you’ll also notice the presence of small arrows pointing up or sideways, which means you can expand or reduce these sections.

To create a visualisation, simply drag a field from the Fields list into the Relationship view. By dragging and dropping fields, you can format your data in a way that’s adapted to and recommended by Power BI. 

Please note that the "Visualisations" window offers different types of graphs, so it’s possible to modify your graphs based on your needs.  

Share Data

Now that you have a relatively complete Power BI Desktop report, you can share it with other users of the Power BI service. 

There are several ways to share your work:

  • To publish on Power BI Online, load the file .pbix directly from Power BI Desktop
  • Save the file .pbix and sen dit like any other file

Let’s start by publishing on the Power BI service directly from Power BI Desktop. In the home ribbon, select Publish.

You might be asked to log in to Power BI.

Once you’re logged in and the publishing process is complete, a dialog box will pop up will show successful action.

When you’re logged in to Power BI, the Power BI Desktop file that you’ve just loaded will appear in the Dashboards, Reports, and Data sets sections. 

If any errors occur, please start again or try to publish your report using the second method.

Another way of sharing your work involves loading it from the Power BI service. The following link lets you access the Power BI service in a browser:
Click on Get data to start loading your Power BI Desktop report.

The Get data page opens, in which you’ll be able to select the source of your data. In the present case, select Get in the Files box. The Files view will appear. In our case, we’re going to select Local File.

Choose the file on your computer.

Once the file has been loaded, you can select it in Relationships, in the left-hand window of Power BI service.

Make the most of all your reports created in Power BI Online.To learn more about Power BI Online, please see the available user guide (contact the Centre Support).


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