Import and format data

The application allows you to import from different data sources: Flat files, web data, or SQL Server.

Import AT Internet data

To import your AT Internet data into POWER BI, the simplest way is to use the web data connection feature, available in the drop-down menu (Get data > Web).

This will let you load a REST URL (in XML or JSON format) that you’ll obtain directly from within the Data Query application of AT Internet’s Analytics Suite.

Build your query in Data Query, and select the REST API URL relating to your data set. Let’s go into Data Query:

We’ll select the URL that was created, below our data set.

Be careful to select XML or JSON format in your Data Query interface. Power BI does not handle the HTML mode

We’ll paste our Data Query URL (see below example) into the Power BI pop-up.


Authentication is required. Select the "Basic" mode and enter your AT Internet login and password.

Select data to visualise

Choose the rows and columns you wish to import (please note, importing columns is not always necessary). 

To illustrate this User Guide, we’ll load 2 templates from Data Query as well as 3 data sets in Excel format.




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