About Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop lets you create intuitive reports for visual analysis of your data. Drag and drop content exactly where you want on your Power BI Desktop canvas. Quickly identify trends, thanks to a unified view and interactive visualisations.

  • Transform and clean your data

Preparing data for analysis can take some time. Our objective is to simplify this task for you. Try Power BI Desktop’s data formatting and modelling features, and free up your time to concentrate on important data analysis.

  • A complete analysis tool

Power BI Desktop is an end-to-end solution enabling you to analyse data with great precision. Power BI Desktop offers all features required to quickly connect, format, visualise and share data. 

  • Create and share your reports

We know that you need to share data with decision-makers whenever and wherever they need it. Power BI lets you easily publish and share interactive reports. 

Learn more: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/

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