Connect Power BI & AT Internet

Connecting to AT Internet’s Analytics Suite through Power BI starts by connecting to your AT Internet user account. You will get a Power BI dashboard and a set of Power BI reports that provide insights about your site traffic, conversions, sources, geolocalization and devices used. You can use the dashboard and reports provided, or customize them to highlight the information you care most about. The data will be refreshed automatically once per day.

Connect to the AT Internet content pack for Power BI.

Connection to Power BI

Go to

Select Get Data at the bottom of the left navigation pane

In the Services box, select Get.

Open the library

You then will have access to the library, from which you may connect to different data sources.

Select “AT Internet Bridge” to connect your analytics data into Power BI.

Connect to AT Internet Bridge

Select Connect and follow the guidelines to fill the different fields

Fill in the requested information

Type in your website number. If you don’t know it, you can find it directly in your source code or you can ask to help you locate it.

Example: 554331

Select Basic Authentication mode.

Insert your AT Internet user name and password and click Accept to allow Power BI to access your AT Internet data.

After approving, the import process will begin automatically. When complete, a new dashboard, report and template will appear in the Navigation pane. Select the “AT Internet Bridge” dashboard to view your imported data.

You can change this dashboard to display your data the way you want. It allows you to ask a question in Q&A or click a tile to open the underlying report and change the tiles in the dashboard.


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