Find your account ID and Log server URL

In order to integrate your Optimizely Experiments with AT Internet's Analytics Suite, you'll need to enter your Account ID and Log Server URL in the Optimizely Editor.

You can find these by looking at the source code of your webpage.

Here is an example of an AT Internet tag on a webpage. The values were looking for are found in the <noscript> <img> tag at the end of the tag.

The 'src' attribute of the <img> tag will start with the log server URL (everything before /hit.xiti). This is the Log Server URL.

The 'src' attribute of the <img> tag will also have a query parameter 's', which contains the account ID we need.

The values in the screenshot below show these 2 values:

The log server URL is different than the xtsd variable at the beginning of the script. Make sure to use the URL at the beginning of the <img> tag.

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