Enable the AT Internet Integration

Optimizely uses AT Internet's "MV Testing Tags" to tag visitors with the experiments and variations to which they've been added. Once the integration has been enabled, you will be able to access the Multivariate Testing report in AT Internet's Analytic's Suite. Click on any test name to see test's visitors broken out by variation.

To enable AT Internet integration, go to the "Integrations" tab on Optmizely’s homepage. Select the AT Internet Integration and toggle the button to "On" in the right panel.

Optimizely needs 2 pieces of information from you in order to successfully integrate with AT Internet:

  • Account Number: your AT Internet tag account number (num site)
  • Log Server URL: The log server URL used by your AT Internet tag

This information can be found in the "Settings" section of the right-hand panel in the "Integrations" tab. To learn how to find this information, see the section below on finding your Account Number and Log Server URL.

You can also check the box to enable this integration by default for all new experiments.

To enable or disable the integration for an individual experiment, go to that experiment in the Editor and click Options > Integrations. Then check the AT Analytics box.

Make sure that your Optimizely experiment is running for this integration to work.

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