Character issues

Searchmetrics needs to have clean URLs in order to get the right data. We often see issues with characters in URLs, such as page names with the "::" character. To convert the page names (with "::") into URLs, Searchmetrics needs the cl-ID which only AT Internet (or the customer) can provide.

Trailing slash character

If trailing slash characters are used, Searchmetrics cannot get any “Impacting Keywords” (data provided from Searchmetrics) for the URLs. The reason for this is the trailing slash at the end of the URLs. We map the URLs from AT Internet with the URLs from Google Webmaster Tools and the Google SERP. AT Internet URLs appear without a trailing slash.

AT INTERNET – URL TRAFFIC (no trailing slash)

AT INTERNET – URL RANKINGS (with trailing slash)

To remove the "/" at the end, AT INTERNET solves the issue by adding a Data Manager rule.

Historical data

After enabling this Data Manager rule, if Searchmetrics wants to pull the data retroactively, it must regenerate in the frontend with the correct data with no trailing slash.

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