Share your analyses

With Tableau, get actionable information and share it with the entire company in just minutes.  

Tableau Desktop: Create impactful visualisations with all types of data. It’s simple and quick. Data visualisation and interactive dashboards.  

Use hundreds of data sources.

Tableau Server: Share dashboards and data. Collaborate while respecting governance rules. Keep your data safely on your servers.

Use Tableau Mobile to access your data from everywhere.

Tableau Online: Forget material setups. Get analyses in the cloud for teams of all sizes. Reliable, secure, and always up-to-date.

Use Tableau Mobile to access your data from everywhere.

Share on Tableau Server or externally

Workbooks often call on external resources. If you wish to share your workbook with someone who doesn’t have access to the resources referenced, or doesn’t have access to Tableau Server, you can save your workbook, then send it as a complete workbook.

Find more details in Tableau’s knowledge base:

Publish shared data models on the data server in order to make them available to everyone on your team. Define data sources, add metadata and create entirely new calculations and data fields that everyone can use. Help your company to have a single reliable source of information.

Manage your dashboards’ permissions with ease. Tools like visual authorisation management will simplify administrators’ daily tasks.

Share on Tableau Online or Tableau Public

You can also choose to share your data in Tableau Online or Tableau Public (hosted in the Cloud and not on Tableau Server).

Data in Tableau Online and Tableau Public are accessible from all devices in responsive mode or via dedicated applications.

Tableau Mobile is the fastest and most comfortable way to keep your data handy. Get answers to your questions in just a few taps and swipes, thanks to simple-to-use Tableau Mobile. Access your data from wherever you are.

Share a printable PDF

It’s also possible to download a PDF from a workbook you’ve created.

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