About Tableau Software

An American computer software company headquartered in Seattle, Tableau Software is on a mission to help people see and understand data. Tableau offers five main products: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Reader and Tableau Public.

  • Visual analytics in one click

Powerful analytics tools are within your reach. Dynamically filter data, split trends across several categories, and run in-depth cohort analysis. Double-click on geographic fields to place data on an interactive map. You can do all this without writing a single line of code.  

  • Detailed statistics

Go deeper with your analysis by making new calculations on existing data. Drag and drop forecasts and reference lines, create box plots, and display statistical summaries of your data. Experiment with trend analysis, regressions, correlations, and much more. No need for a PhD in Statistics!

  • Management of metadata

Better interpret the available data, quickly and more easily. Rename fields, and change number formats. Break down your data into several fields, or create groups by combining fields. Create subsets with your data by simply selecting groups of points. Then use these sets to filter other views.

  • Integrated best practices

Directly in your workflow, you’ll benefit from several years of research on the best ways of representing data: charts with optimised colours, automatic types of graphs, and an elegant interface. Efficiently communicate your discoveries, and in an automated way.

  • Data Engine

Should you wish to work with your data offline, or place your data in memory, Tableau’s Data Engine enables you to extract your data to carry out ad-hoc analyses on significant volumes, in just a few seconds. Data Engine combines data base innovations with graphics to let you analyse data sets – even enormous sets – on a laptop or a mobile device.

  • Cartography

Attractive and interactive maps are key to facilitating comprehension. Double-click on a geographic field to place data on a map. Make panoramas and zoom, filter and launch searches in order to best target your information. Thanks to detailed worldwide geographic data, you’ll get answers to your questions, whether they involve Australian postal codes or Brazilian towns.

Learn more: https://www.tableau.com/


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