Pre-calculation of complex templates


If your template is complex, or if it involves a period of more than 45 days, your data might not all be available immediately. In this case, a message will notify you of the sampling of your data.

If you wish to retrieve your entire dataset, you may request pre-calculation. Remember to give your template a name, then click "Generate".


Retrieve a pre-calculated template

Open the left-hand menu and go to "My pre-calculation requests".

Consult all pre-calculation requests that have been completed in the "Completed pre-calculations" tab. To extract your entire dataset, edit the template in order to retrieve the corresponding API URL (use the CSV or IQY formats).




Tip: Only one pre-calculation request is available at a time per site.



Tip: Once you've launched your pre-calculation request, you may then continue to work on other templates in the Data Query application.



Certain metrics cannot be requested on periods of over 45 days:

  • Sales (including tax)
  • Sales (excluding tax)
  • Revised sales (visits)
  • Revised sales (prior attribution)
  • Revised conversions (Visits)
  • Number of abandoned carts
  • Cart abandon rate
  • Product abandon rate
  • Quantity of abandoned products
  • Sales turnover (incl. tax) from abandons
  • Sales turnover (excl. tax) from abandons


Certain dimensions cannot be requested on periods of over 45 days:

  • Unique visitor ID (unique visitors)
  • Visitor ID (Identified visitors)
  • Visitor ID (text) (Identified visitors)
  • Visit ID (Visits)
  • Page position (Pages)
  • Status (Orders)
  • Multi-channel campaigns (Traffic sources)
  • Time (visit start) (Time)
  • Minutes (visit start) (Time)
  • Seconds (visit start) (Time)
  • Time (event) (Time)
  • Minutes (event) (Time)
  • Seconds (event) (Time)
  • All custom dimensions that are updated via import


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