Navigational menu

You can navigate through the Data Query application using the menu featured on the left of the screen. Two different work environments are available: an environment for site-by-site analyses, and an environment for multi-site analyses.


Site-by-site environment
The site-by-site environment offers a drop-down list from which you may select the Level 1 or Level 2 site you would like to examine.

  1. Create analyses on the fly, and save them as templates if you wish.
  2. Suggested templates, based on the most popular analyses.
  3. List of all templates you've created, or that have been shared with you.
  4. Interface for in-progress requests -- for tracking the status of your pre-calculation requests for analyses that are complex, or involve very long periods.


Multi-site environment
A work environment is available for your analyses of several different sites at once. AT Internet has created standard templates, making it easy for you to access the most commonly used analyses in web analytics, and use them across several sites.

If you have customised a standard template (with filters, periods or sites), you can save it. It will then be available under the "Custom multi-site templates" category for future use.

  1. List of standard analyses available to be used on several sites at once.
  2. List of standard analyses available to be used on several sites at once, which you have customised (sites, periods, metrics, etc.).



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