Data mining made easy: introductory webinar

Since its launch, the Data Query application has always maintained a simple objective: help you answer any and all questions you might have about the performance of your sites.

Make multi-dimensional queries instantaneously, at an overall level, on multiple sites, at a highly detailed level, or at the campaign level. Segments, custom metrics and filters allow you to refine the scope of your analysis as much as you need.


Need to answer a very specific question involving several different elements?
> Build your queries on the fly, and cross-calculate any and all types of information.

Need highly specific business-related analyses in order to closely track performance?
> Use Data Query, custom metrics and segments to create analyses that are specific to your business sector and activity.

Need to speed things up with your existing reports?
> Save a significant amount of time by automatically updating your Excel or Power BI dashboards.

Need to enrich your information systems?
> Enjoy a powerful and modern API that can easily feed all your internal tools using your web data.

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