Interconnect AB Tasty & AT Internet

AB Tasty and AT Internet have developed a module enabling you to automatically tag your testing campaigns in order to display results in your AT Internet analytics solution. This integration allows you to track the performance of different populations (original, variant A, variant B, etc…) and to precisely examine the behavior of your visitors (segmentation, retention, cohorts…).  

AB Tasty uses AT Internet’s “MV Testing Tags” to tag visitors (more info here:


Enable AT Internet tagging in the AB Tasty interface

The process is simple – just log in to your AB Tasty interface, create a new campaign with an A/B Test :



Once the settings are done, click on 3rd party integration at the bottom of the settings menu and select AT Internet (xtcore) or AT Internet SmartTag depeding on your tag configuration. You can directly give a name to the wave.




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