Finalise your analysis

Select a layout

For all created analyses, a layout is applied by default. This layout includes a graph followed by a table. Two other layouts are available: graph/graph followed by a table, or table only.

To select a layout other than the default option, click the "More options" button at the top-right of the analysis area, select "Change layout", and then select the layout that you wish to apply. Your analysis will be automatically updated with the new layout.

Modify the analysis' final result

Should you wish to create a more personalised final result, you can also customise the items that should be displayed by default when the analysis is opened:

  • Graph(s)
  • Graph metric(s)
  • Width of columns in the table
To do this, display the analysis as you want it to appear by selecting the metric to use in the graph (1), the type of graph to use (2), and adjusting the column width if necessary (3). If you're using a layout containing two graphs, carry out steps 1 and 2 for each graph.

Your setup will be saved for both viewing and editing in the future.

In order for these adjustments to be taken into account, please remember to save your report.


Save an analysis

All actions taken with your analysis will be automatically saved, so you don't need to worry about saving. You can check the saving status by checking the analysis' settings bar:

Nonetheless, please be sure to save the report once you've finished working on it. Your edits will only be visible in the Reports application if you save the report first.

Add an analysis to the menu

At any time, you can add the analysis you're working on to your report's menu. To do this, click "Add to the menu" at the top-right of the analysis area (1).


Duplicate an analysis

If you wish, you can duplicate an analysis. To do this, go to the analysis you wish to duplicate, click "More options" at the top-right of the analysis area, then click on "Save as". You will automatically be redirected toward the duplicated copy of the analysis.

This feature is particularly useful when you want to reuse an analysis as a working foundation.

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