Adding filters

For each analysis created, you may add filters which will allow users to segment data based on data exploration approaches you've defined, such as studying user behaviour on the site according to certain browsing characteristics (device used, browser used, traffic sources, etc.).

You may add up to three filters per analysis. To do this, click the "+ Filters" button in the analysis' options bar (1), then tick the filters you wish to add. The filters will be added to the options bar as they are selected (2): 



You can test the filters by applying them directly. To do this, click on (1), then select the filter to apply by clicking on it (2). The name of the filtered item will appear just below the filter's name.

To disable a filter, open the filter by clicking on (1), then click on "Reset the filter".

Finally, to delete a filter, simply click on the X next to the filter name.


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