Create a data set

A data set is a combination of dimensions and metrics used to provide your data. It is therefore necessary to create a data set in order to generate content for your analyses.

Start by selecting the dimension(s) to integrate into your analysis. To do this, you can click on the field to display a list of all available dimensions, or directly enter the name of the desired dimensions. Items with a coloured stripe are custom items (site variables, custom metrics, etc.).

Click an item to add it to the list.

You can then proceed in the same manner to add metrics.

Once the elements have been added, the analysis will show up in the display area, in the form of a graph followed by a table:


You can take several different actions on the data set's items:

  • Change the order of metrics or dimensions: To do this, simply drag and drop the item wherever you wish to place it:


  • Filter on one or several items to only take into account certain characteristics in your analysis: To do this, click the item. A settings pop-up will open:


1. Test to apply to the item ("contains", "does not contain", "is equal to", "is greater than", etc.)
2. Value of the item on which the test is to be made (for example, Visitors > 10,000)
3. AND or OR operators to use, in case several conditions must be met. Click the operator to toggle between AND and OR.
4. Add a new condition to the filter (for example, names of chapters containing "XXX" or "YYY")

  • Hide an item: You may very well use an item to generate the required data, but prefer to hide this item from your graphs and/or tables. To hide an item, click on the eye icon. To display the item, click the eye icon again:


  • Delete an item: To delete an item from the data set, simply click on the delete icon (1). You can delete all items by clicking the "empty" button (2).


You may also use data sets created in Data Query by importing a Data Query 2 template. To do this, simply click on the cog icon ("More options") in the analysis' settings bar, then on "Import a Data Query 2 template". Select the desired template to import.

Dimensions, metrics and filters from your Data Query 2 template will automatically be added to your analysis. You can then edit these items, delete or add them, as with any other custom analysis.



When creating an analysis, the displayed data is only a sample. This data therefore does not accurately reflect reality. To get all data, please open the report using the Reports application, and not the Report Manager application.




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