Should you wish to have complete control over the content of your analyses, notably to display cross-calculated data or other custom items, you can create a custom analysis.

To do this, open the menu editing panel, select the "+ Analyses" option (1), then click the "Custom" tab (2).


You will have the choice to either:

  • Edit a custom analysis (click the pencil that appears when hovering your mouse)
  • Create a new analysis (Click on "+ Custom analysis"):


Click on "+ Custom analysis" to get started with a blank analysis. The workspace is structured in the following way:


1. Site providing the data source for the report
2. Button to add filters
3. Analysis name (click to rename)
4. Options specific to the analysis' setup
5. Field to add dimensions to the data set
6. Field to add metrics to the data set
7. Display area for the analysis' data


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