Standard analyses

"Standard" analyses are ready-to-use analyses suggested by AT Internet based on generic data sets (analyses of source, geolocalisation, navigation…). You can use these analyses as they are in your reports, or use them as a foundation for creating your own custom analyses.

To display a standard analysis, start by opening the analysis panel, by clicking the "+ Analyses" button at the top of the menu (1). Be sure to then select the "AT Internet" tab (2):


Browse through the list, or use the search tool to find the type of analysis you wish to add to your report, then add it to the menu, or click the name of the desired analysis if you wish to open it in edit mode.

It isn't possible to rename or edit the content of a standard analysis. However, you can edit the default result by modifying the metric to use in the graph, the graph to be used, as well as the column width. In order for these customisation options to be taken into account, please remember to save your report.

To use a standard analysis as a working foundation when you create a custom data set, open the analysis options menu, then select the "Save as…" option:


The new analysis will be created: You can now edit the content, the display, and the title however you wish.


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