Hide a column

By clicking on a dimension, you can hide the corresponding column. By doing this, this column will not be visible in your results table, enabling you to filter certain elements contained inside.

Then, you may also aggregate your data. This feature is useful when you have several dimensions in your analysis, or if you use filters to focus on a specific element in particular.


You want to analyse your sources by country. When you select the "Sources" and "Countries" dimensions, you'll get a result similar to this:

France Search engine 50


Direct traffic 30
Italy Search engine 30
Germany Direct traffic 40
France Sponsored links 20
Germany Search engine 15
Italy Direct traffic 18
Germany Sponsored links 25
Italy Sponsored links 40


If you hide the Countries column, the visits from each country will be summed by source type:

Search engines 95
Direct traffic 58
Sponsored links 85


And inversely, if you hide the Sources column, the sources will be grouped together for each country:

France 100
Italy 88
Germany 80


This feature is especially useful when using filters. In our example, if we want to focus on sources for the country of France, we'll have:

France Search engines 50
France Direct traffic 30
France Sponsored links 20

Here, the Countries column will still contain France; by hiding the Countries column, we can streamline the display of the results set.

 Tip: As dimensions contained in these standard multi-site templates are non-modifiable, we suggest you use this feature to hide the dimensions that do not interest you.

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