A segment may be applied to a template during creation. Simply drop the selected segment in the designated area ("Drop a segment").

Tip: Segments are applied to the entire template. Segments displayed in the list are those that have been created using the Segments application.


Segments are automatically applied to the entire dataset.
For example:

- If you apply a segment like "Country=UK" to your dataset, then all metrics displayed will only reflect performance in the UK.

- If you apply a segment to only one metric in your dataset, you can create a custom metric based on a segment. In our example, we can segment the "Visits" metric on the country "UK". Once this segmented metric is in your Data Query template, you'll be able to isolate out visits from the UK, and then compare them with other metrics reflecting other countries.


 You can create a segment by clicking on the Segments tab > Add a segment. You will access the Segments application. 

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