Metrics and custom metrics

Once you've added all desired dimensions, you simply have to select your metrics. Click on the second tab, "Metrics", to access the full list of available metrics.

Select your chosen metric and drop it to the right, in the designated area.

Tip: You don't necessarily need to use both dimensions and metrics; you may only use metrics if you wish.


The Metrics tab contains both standard metrics created by AT Internet, as well as any custom metrics  you've created in the Custom Metrics application.

Tip: If you are unsure about which dimension(s) or metric(s) to select, click on the question mark icon to display a short definition of the element.

Please note, custom metrics can apply to a specific site in particular, or they may apply to all sites in your contract. If you've created a template using a custom metric, and you later change the site, the custom metric will most likely no longer be available:

Tip: To be able to use your custom metrics across all your sites, consider setting them to the "Global" level when saving them.


You can create a custom metric by clicking on the Metrics tabs > Add a metric. You will access the Custom metrics application. 


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