When launching the Data Query application, you'll see a list of templates to which you have access.

These templates may be yours, or they may be templates created by someone else who has shared them in "public mode".


From the homepage, you have several different options: You can create, delete or edit your templates one by one. Using the search engine, you can search for the titles of templates, among all templates to which you have access, or just your own, whether they're public or private.

The dates of your templates' creation and most recent modifications will help you understand the history of your data.


Create a new analysis or a new template
To do this, click the "Designer" button at the top-left of the main page, or use the navigational menu on the left.


Use standard analyses suggested by AT Internet
More than 40 templates are available to help you extract the data you need. After choosing the template you wish to use, click on the pencil icon to the right of the table in order to edit the element.

Once you've opened the template, you have access to all dimensions and metrics that are contained by default.

Tip: The "pageviews" metric contains an automatic filter to only take into account visits or events with page loads.



Use analyses that were previously saved, or analyses shared by your colleagues
You can create as many analyses as you need, then save them as templates. You'll find them in the "Custom templates" section, so you can edit them and develop them further.
In this section, you'll find both templates that you've created, as well as templates that your colleagues have shared with you using the "Public template" option.





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