Enable automatic refreshing

If you display your dashboards on monitoring screens to track your performance indicators in real time, you can enable automatic data refreshing. To do this, open your dashboard, then open the calendar on the period "Today" (1).

Tick the box "Enable automatic refreshing" (2), then select the frequency of the refreshing (3). Don't forget to save!

Automatic refreshing is available for any period in real time: all day, or every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes (4).



The lifetime of a session on the Analytics Suite 2 is set to 12 hours, meaning 12 hours after login you will automatically be logged out. To avoid reloging manually every day, as for dashboard monitoring you can use an external tool to automatically fill in your e-mail address, password, and submit login. This can be done by many ways, but the simplest we've experienced yet is through a browser extension called Auto Click / Auto Fill with the following setup:

URL(and enable it) : https://apps.atinternet-solutions.com/login
Add the following xpath :
- //*[@id="TBLogin"] => your e-mail address
- //*[@id="TBPassword"] => your password
- //*[@id="loginButton"] => let it empty


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