Share a dashboard

You can easily share one or several dashboards with other AT Internet solution users. Two sharing methods are available:

  • Share in read-only mode: You allow other users to view the dashboards you've created,
  • Share in read-write mode: You allow other users to view and edit the dashboards you've created.

Open your dashboard in the Dashboard Manager, then click the "Share" button in the toolbar.

Enter the email addresses of the users with whom you wish to share your dashboard (1). Click "Add to the list" (2), then select the sharing mode (3). Once you've added all desired users, click the "Validate" button (4).


Tip: when sharing in read-write mode, only the dashboard's owner may edit the theme or the sharing options. Any edits you make to a dashboard will automatically be saved in a temporary file. These edits will only become visible to the people with whom you've shared your dashboard once you've explicitly saved it.

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