Share a dashboard

As a dashboard owner, you can share it with other users in your organization. To share a dashboard, open it in the manager, then, in the toolbar, click on the "Share" button.

Enter letters from the email, or the name, or the first name of the user with whom you want to share your dashboard (*). Select the person concerned from the drop-down list by clicking on their name, or by pressing the "tab" key on your keyboard. Then click on "add to the list" (or use the "enter" key on your keyboard).

You can also add users by copying and pasting their email address into the input field. Finally, if you want to add many users at once, you can also copy/paste their email addresses, separated by a comma.

(*) Be careful, user profiles do not have to contain first and last names. If you do not enter them, the search for a user will only look for their email address.


For each of the users you must then specify the type of sharing:


  • Share in read-only mode: You allow other users to view the dashboards you've created,

  • Share in read-write mode: You allow other users to view and edit the dashboards you've created.

You can delete a share by clicking on the cross to the right of the line showing the details of the share with the user concerned.

When your configuration is finished, and in order to validate the sharing, do not forget to click on the "Validate" button.


Tip: when sharing in read-write mode, only the dashboard's owner may edit the theme or the sharing options. Any edits you make to a dashboard will automatically be saved in a temporary file. These edits will only become visible to the people with whom you've shared your dashboard once you've explicitly saved it.

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