Create interactive boxes

To customise your dashboard, take advantage of our wide range of features enabling you to refine the look of your boxes. You can:

  • Move the box by simply dragging and dropping
  • Resize the box by clicking the bottom-right corner
  • Change its appearance and its content
  • Turn it into an interactive box
  • Duplicate the box
  • Delete the box

To use these options, please hover your mouse over the box you wish to edit or enhance.


Create interactive boxes

If you want to examine how certain segments of a pie chart are evolving, you can easily create an interaction between your pie chart and a line chart.

To do this, you must first create your pie chart. Then, create a link with a new line chart via the "Customisation" tab of the settings panel.
This will automatically create the line chart in a new box.

In "preview" mode, or in the Dashboards application, simply click on the pie chart segment whose evolution you want to see: the line chart will be automatically updated.

Tip: only pie charts and line charts can be interdependent in this way. If you've already linked a pie chart to a line chart, you won't be able to change the line chart into another type of graph.





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