Manage tabs

You may split the data you display across several tabs. This will help you organise your information into several levels. For example, you might give an overview on one tab, then focus on more specific areas on one or several other tabs.

To add a "Tabs" area to your dashboard, simply go to the sidebar, click on the third tab to expand the "Zones" window, and enable the display of tabs:



  • To rename a tab, double-click on its name
  • To add a new tab, click the "+" icon to the right of the tab area
  • You may change the order of the tabs by clicking and dragging them left or right
  • Finally, you may delete or duplicate a tab. When you duplicate a tab, all boxes that exist on the tab to be duplicated will be copied over to the new tab:


Please note: If you delete a tab, you will lose all elements on this tab. If the deleted tab is the last remaining tab in your dashboard, all content will remain in the workspace, but the tab will no longer exist.


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