Create a rest setup

This important step enables you to create the setup of your REST connector and to import your AT Internet data into Qlik.

You will then be able to load a REST URL (in XML or JSON format) which you can obtain directly in the Data Query application within AT Internet’s Analytics Suite.

Create a query in Data Query

Build your query in Data Query and select the API REST URL relating to your dataset.

To be able to import data into Qlik, it’s mandatory to have the Data Explorer option enabled, which will give me access to the Data Query application.

Go into Data Query:

Create a new template, or use an existing template:

Import data from AT Internet’s API into Qlik

Select the URL created at the bottom of your dataset, in JSON, HTML or XML format.

Only paste the beginning of your URL, up until GET DATA:

Paste this Data Query URL into the URL GET/JSON section of the setup window.

Then, you must login in order to access your data. Enter your AT Internet login and password.

Now, specify the different parameters that make up this API URL by detailing out each “Query parameter” one by one.

The URL obtained in Data Query offers the following parameters:{d_source,m_visits}&sort={-m_visits}&space={s:554331}&period={D:'2016-03-21'}&max-results=50&page-num=1

Carefully transfer these parameters over into the different fields below:

To test and save your data connection, be sure to verify that your conenction has a name, then click “next” using the small arrow at the bottom.

You’ll find all your imported data in a window which opens automatically.

Click on Datafeed > Rows to view your AT Internet data.

Click on load data to finish the procedure.


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