Analyse your AB testing performance

Once AT Internet tracking has been enabled, you can access the "Multivariate testing" analyses available in your AT Internet solution, and study the results of each test with the same level of precision as with your normal traffic analyses (bounce rate, time spent per visit, geolocalisation, socio-demographic data…).

This data will be available in the Explorer, Reports, Dashboards and Data Query.


View on Explorer

For example, in Explorer, click on Contenu > MV Testing on the left menu. You’ll find all your tests and their variants named exactly as they are in your AB Tasty solution



Use Data Query

Finally, use the Data Query application make detailed queries. You may also automate data feeds and export them to your testing or emailing solution to facilitate your personalisation or retargeting activities based on specific observed behaviours using our segmentation module.


List of testing-specific dimensions:



View on Reports

You may build one or several custom analyses in the Report application.


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