Working with your graphs

3 different views of your data are available:

  • Line graph 
  • Bar chart 
  • Pie chart 

Simply click on one of these icons to edit the type of graph displayed.


Certain views offer different options. As such, when you choose a line graph, you may choose the granularity (day/week/month) of your data (4), and choose to display the average (5) as well as the maximum/minimum (6).

You can find these parameters on top right of your AT INTERNET window.


To change the metric being studied, click the tab at the top-left of your analysis. A drop-down menu will suggest the different available options.

 In the case of layouts with two graphs side-by-side, this option will enable you to study two metrics at the same time, and to directly observe the correlation between the two.




NB : The maximum/minimum option is also available to be viewed in bar chart format.



Finally, by hovering over the data in your graph, you can quickly compare the different values.





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