Set up the analysis' context

You have the option of modifying different contextual settings for your report. Click on the site tab in the blue banner to choose the site you wish to examine.

Click on the "Sites" button to examine all of a site, or click on "Level 2 sites" to examine just a subsection of your site in particular.

A first menu allows you to choose the site, and a second menu lets you choose the Level 2 site if necessary.


NB : With the [AT] Standard report, you can select multiple sites by clicking the "+" to the right of the site name.



At the bottom of the screen, a timeline lets you see the time period referenced by your report.

You can define the duration of this period by clicking and dragging the handles (5 & 6), or click the "Edit" button (7) which will let you manually enter the period you want to study.

Once this period has been defined, if you want to shift it while maintaining the same duration, you can click between the two handles and glide the period where you'd like on the timeline.

The dates of the studied period are indicated in blue between these two handles. The dates indicated below, in dark grey, define the reference period for the calculation of comparison data.



It is also possible to display data from the same day. To do this, once you've gone into the timeline's "Edit" menu, click on "Today". The timeline will display hours from the current day.

To refresh data, simply click the button at the right of the timeline (8).




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