A report's menu is made up of two types of items:

  • Groups of analyses (optional)
  • Analyses


Groups let you group together several analyses sharing a common theme, and structure the report according to these analyses. To create a group,  click the "Group" button at the top of the menu.

A new group with a generic name will automatically be added to your menu. Click the name of the group to rename it, or drag-and-drop it to change its position in the list of groups.

Analyses can be added either in a group or to the root of the menu. You can add an analysis to the menu in 3 different ways:


  • Click the "+ Analyses" button. Then select an analysis from among AT Internet's "Standard" analyses, or from among your custom analyses, then click on the icon to integrate the analysis into the menu.
  • You can also drag-and-drop the analysis into the menu if you wish to directly place it in a precise spot.
  • If you are already editing an analysis, you can also add it to the menu using the shortcut found at the top-right of the screen:


From the menu's editing tab, you can move the analysis toward the top or bottom of the menu, integrate it, or remove it from a group by simply dragging and dropping.

You can remove an analysis from the menu by clicking on the "delete" button which appears when you hover your mouse. Finally, you may set which analysis should open by default when you open your report, by clicking on the "home" icon that appears when you hover your mouse (see the above screenshot).

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