Open the Report Manager application, on this homepage, you can edit HELP_WRP_Edit_RP.jpg, share ICONE_PARTAGER__1_.png, rename ICONE_RENOMMER.jpg or delete ICONE_SUPPRIMER.jpg a report.

The sharing icon can have 2 different statuses:

 ICONE_PARTAGER.png This report has not been shared. Click on the icon to share it with one or several other users.

 HELP_WRP_Shared_RP.png This report has been shared with one or several users. Click the icon to get a list of users with which it has been shared.

You can reorder the items in ascending or descending order by clicking on the arrows in each column header. By default, reports are listed in alphabetical order.



Click on the "New" button to open a blank workspace and create a report.


The workspace can be broken down into five main areas:


(1) Report selector: To go from one report to another without having to go back through the Report Manager homepage,

(2) Features specific to the report: saving, sharing, deletion, etc.

(3) Actions specific to the analysis: add, change, delete a site, or filters

(4) Managing report content: menu, analyses, etc.

(5) Managing the analysis period:

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