Basic concepts

The following terms will be used throughout this guide:

Dimensions : Dimensions are angles or axes of analysis, according to which we examine groups of data (example: countries, sources, marketing campaigns).

Metrics : Metrics are variables (indicators) associated with a dimension. Metrics enable you to analyse performance or traffic for each element contained in a dimension (example: visits, page views, bounce rate).

Data set : A data set is a combination of dimensions and metrics used to display data in your analyses.

Analysis : An analysis delivers your data in graph form (line graph, bar chart, table of data...).

In the Report Manager, we differentiate between two types of analyses:

  • "Standard" analyses: Ready-to-use analyses suggested by AT Internet, based on generic data sets. You can use these analyses as they are, or edit them to address your needs.
  • Custom analyses: Analyses that you've created; you can change the data set, the filters, display modes, etc.

Report : This is a shareable document that groups together all accessible analyses via a navigation menu.

Data Query Template : A combination of dimensions and metrics created and saved in Data Query.

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