Edit your boxes' content and layout

To customise your dashboard, take advantage of our wide range of features enabling you to refine the look of your boxes. You can:

  • Move the box by simply dragging and dropping
  • Resize the box by clicking the bottom-right corner
  • Change its appearance and its content
  • Turn it into an interactive box
  • Duplicate the box
  • Delete the box

To use these options, please hover your mouse over the box you wish to edit or enhance.


Edit a box

Each box has its own settings panel, via which you can adjust the box's behaviour, its content and its final look. To display this settings panel, hover your mouse over the box you wish to adjust, and click on "Edit"



Data tab

This tab offers various options for the settings of your data set:
(1) Use another data set
(2) Edit the characteristics of the data set used
(3) Replace the data set with a new one
(4) Select the metrics to be displayed in the graph, when several metrics are used in the data set



Context tab

By default, any box created in the dashboard will "respond" to the parameters defined in the context bar. In other words, if you select another site, or if you edit the time period for which your dashboard displays data, all the boxes will refresh to take this new selection into account.
In some cases (notably when comparing the performance of one site to another, or when displaying KPIs side by side which reflect separate periods), it's particularly useful to be able to modify how the boxes respond.
By default, the "List of sites" option is selected. In order for the box to systematically display data from a single site, no matter the site selected in the context bar, choose the "Fixed site" option, then select the site (or level 2 site) the box should use to display data. If you'd like the site's name to appear in the box, please tick the "Show the site" option.
The box behaviour and options work similarly for the time periods.



Graphs tab

In this tab, you'll find all types of charts and graphs available for your data set. You can edit your existing graph by choosing another one among the graphs in this list.



Customisation tab

In this tab, you can adjust the display options of the individual graph: number of results rows to take into account, the display format for metrics, the display of averages, minimum and maximum values, etc.
Please note that the available options will vary according to the chart/graph used in the box that you are currently modifying.



Themes tab

Finally, you may tweak the look of your box, by adjusting the thickness and colour of the border, for example, or by giving it a title.



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