Dataset editor

Start by naming your data set. Then, select its scope:

  • Overall: your data set’s dimensions and metrics will be compatible with all the dashboard’s sites
  • Site: you can integrate items specific to the selected site into your data set: segments, custom variables and custom metrics.

Then select the dimensions and metrics to integrate into your data set: click on the “dimensions” and “metrics” fields to get the list of all available items. You may also enter text to do a quick search amongst the list of items.
Items featuring a coloured band are your custom items (custom site variables, custom metrics…).
You may perform several different actions on items in the data set:

  • Change the order of metrics or dimensions: to do this, simply drag the item to where you wish to place it:


  • Sort on the item
  • Filter on one or several items
  • Hide an item
  • Delete an item

All actions are accessible by clicking on the cog wheel icon next to the item in question.



You can preview the data set results by clicking the “See results” button.


Important: When previewing a data set, the data displayed is sampled. This data therefore does not reflect reality. To display the entirety of your data, please display the preview of your dashboard.

Don’t forget to save your created data set.

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