About Qlik Sense

Imagine analytics so intuitive, anyone in your company could easily create personalised reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights.

That’s Qlik Sense — a revolutionary self-service data visualisation and discovery application designed for individuals and group collaboration. Qlik Sense lets you rapidly create visualisations, explore data deeply, and share insights instantly, to reveal connections in your data and see opportunities from every angle.


  1. In combination with the patented Qlik data indexing engine, smart visualisations let you uncover all data relationships across your data dimensions. You can easily explore in any direction to discover insights that would have been hidden in query-based or hierarchical tools.


  1. Not sure where to begin your analysis? No problem. Simply type in keywords, and let Smart Search connect the dots to reveal relationships between data, thanks to information from places you wouldn’t have thought to look.


  1. Qlik Sense connects to multiple data sources to provide more comprehensive views, without compromising performance.


  1. Our data storytelling functionality makes it easier to share analysis visually, communicate your findings with teams, and collaborate more efficiently.


Learn more: http://www.qlik.com/en-gb/products/qlik-sense

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