Introductory Training AS2 (Explorer) - 1 day

AT Internet is a partner in analysing and optimising websites, mobile sites and applications. To analyse your digital properties and identify new growth optimisation levers, an AT Internet consultant will provide assistance to familiarise you with the solution, allowing you to quickly become operational and autonomous in using the tool.


⏱ 1 day

👨‍💼👩‍💼 Business User, Digital Analyst, Advanced Digital Analyst, Data Scientist, Administrator, Integrator

🎯 Objectives:

  • Discover how AT Internet technology works
  • Start using the Analytics Suite interfaces built by AT Internet
  • Confirm understanding of Digital Analytics fundamentals (metrics, dimensions and tree structure)
  • Discover the Explorer tool, including its main features and analyses
  • Learn how to create a dashboard from Explorer

🌍 AT Internet offices, Customer offices

👉 You will find the training program here.

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