Sequences Analysis

The Sequences analysis provides a very interesting view into the order of events that make up consumer journeys. In this analysis each row represents a unique series of elements that make up complete consumer journeys.


It is possible to illustrate different dimensions in the sequences analysis: it is available at device, site, traffic source and campaign levels.

Note: The device drill down is only reliable using the identified visitors scope. It requires that all visitors have logged-in at least once on each device that is analysed so that we can process the cross-device measurement.


The left-most column illustrates the series of elements which make up different consumer journeys. Subsequent instances of the same element will be aggregated under the same logo type.

Note: if a journey consists of 5 or more aggregated element types, only the last 5 elements of the series will be shown.


If you wish to focus on conversions, you can segment for only sequences that led to a conversion by toggling the "sequences that converted" in the options box

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