Tag your push notification

Usually done by marketing teams in order to get it back on the interface.

/!\ Be careful, you have to make sure to get the xto parameter in the push notification and thus ask the developers to get this element.

When using AT Internet SDK, you can add the tracker to Accengage campaign in order to measure your performances on AT Internet tools.

In order parameters to be correctly transmitted to the AT Internet SDK, it will be necessary to make sure that the Custom params are tracked by Accengage SDK:

 Through Accengage, you can add custom settings to the following campaigns:

  • click push notifications
  • Inapp to display and / or click
  • Scheduled click alerts

 In order to allow the AT Internet SDK to retrieve the tracking parameters, you must follow the following steps on developers website : https://developers.atinternet-solutions.com/apple-universal-en/advanced-features-apple-universal-en/notifications-apple-universal-en/

Once set up, you can add the AT trackers in the following form for example:

  • Key: xto
  • Value: AD-3030- [ad_Version_7] - [without_text] - [468] - [www.site.com] - [GT] - [top_page]


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