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What is the Visit Score?

Formerly labelled Behavioural Quotient (or BQ), the Visit Score is a metric that AT Internet provides by default, allowing you to follow the performance of your site using one indicator.

The formula is way too complex to be publicly exposed (some of us at AT Internet keep it locked up in a safe place), we can however share 5 metrics which are positively correlated to the Visit Score:

  • Page views / visit
  • Entry rate
  • Page views / entering visit
  • Time spent / visit
  • Time spent / page

How should I read the Visit Score?

Every site or mobile app will get a specific score, that may vary upon your visitors' behaviour and how they interact with your content.

The value itself is meaningless, but its evolution is very interesting as it allows you to spot changes in your visitors' behaviour over time.


Let's take the following example, a Visit Score shows 37 over period (from 09/11/2017 to 14/12/2017).

Evolution over time

When observing the Visit Score over time we notice positive and negative fluctuations over time.


The 17th and the 24th of November, despite being Fridays, illustrate very different behaviours:

  • 17/11/2017: Visit Score = 67
  • 24/11/2017: Visit Score = 11

When comparing the 5 behavioural metrics, we are able to notice quickly that they all dramatically decrease:


Source comparison

At a glance, you are able to see that visitors originating from Direct traffic are much more engaged than the other visitors from other traffic sources.


Device study

The content that you provide on your site can be browsed on different devices.

Several things can influence visitors' behaviour:

  • Usability of the user interface,
  • Visitors' mobility,
  • Time that your visitors are willing to spend on your content at the moment they are browsing.

These factors could explain why smartphones are the device with the lowest engagement.


Country-based report

If you're fortunate enough to provide content in several languages, the country-based report may interest you.

In the screen shot below, we can see that French and Belgian visitors, despite speaking the same language do not behave in the same way.


Can I compare the Visit Score from one site to another?

As you may have understood, the Visit Score is calculated depending on your visitors' on-site behaviour.

It would be inappropriate to compare the Visit Score of a media site against an ecommerce site.

However, it seems totally relevant to compare the score of your 2 mobile apps or the score of you site, before and after the launch of a new version.

Can I create my own score?

When using the Visit Score, you rely on AT Internet statistical expertise.

You may want to create your own score with the metrics that are more relevant to you and your website. This is something that you can achieve thanks to a Custom Metric (

Here is a made-up example using the following formula:



Once integrated within a dashboard, your custom score can be represented over time in a line graph:


Be inventive and create your own score, gathering all the key metrics that are important to your site: page views, conversion rate, turnover, bounce rate, etc.

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