Import data to dashboard

Oncrawl provides an API that you will be able to use to create a dashboard in Analytics Suite 2 and import some main KPI.

1. Authentication

Authentication is OAuth. To connect your Oncrawl account to your AT Internet dashboard:

  • Go to your profile and select EXTERNAL LOGINS then Add a connection


  • Choose Oncrawl provider and click on Create a connection


  • Click on OK on the popup confirmation


  • Fill your Oncrawl login and password


  • Click on ALLOW

  • Give a name to your connection and click on Modify


  • Your new connection will appear on the list


2. Create a dashboard

Oncrawl provides a list of KPI that you will be able to use on an AT Internet dashboard. The KPI can be imported to AT Internet dashboard thanks to Oncrawl API.

All flows will allow you to get the last crawl KPI on your project.

Example of flow:<project_id>/last_crawl/pages/aggs?aggs=<aggs>&fmt=row_objects


/<project_id>/ is the ID of your projet. You will be able to find the ID of your project on Oncrawl interface URL (underlined in blue below):


 The list of all Oncrawl KPI available is described on the next section.

Note: Due to Oncrawl API protection to limit DDOS attack, you are allowed to only get 10 KPI in the same time in your dashboard sheet. It means that you will have to create a dashboard sheet with only 10 boxes. If you want to integrate in your dashboard 30 Oncrawl KPI you will have to create 3 sheets with 10 boxes per sheet.

3. Dashboard template

A dashboard template with Oncrawl KPI is available on the file attached.

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