Export data to Oncrawl

1. Configuration of cross analysis (step 1)

Setting up AT Connect Oncrawl is really easy to implement. To do so, you will need to connect to your Oncrawl and AT Internet interfaces.

  • Connect to your Oncrawl interface
  • Select a project and click on LAUNCH CRAWL

  • Select Avanced report, click on AT Internet and check the box Enable AT Internet cross analysis


Once you are here, you will need to access to your AT Internet interface in order to create the two API requests (see section below)


2. API creation

  • On your AT Internet interface, go on API accounts

  • Create a new flow, define an account name, choose your site, define a start date and end date. (If you don’t want to define an end date, let the field blank). Click on OK


Two flows are required for the AT Connect Oncrawl: getData and getRowCount. You will create those two flows by giving a label name getData and getRowCount and by copy / paste the two URL available on Oncrawl interface:

To create the two flows on AT Internet interface:

  • Create a label name and copy the URL. Then click on Save



3. Configuration of cross analysis (step 2)

As soon as your two flows are created on AT Internet interface, you will have a GUID code:

Copy this GUID code and paste it on Oncrawl interface. Do not forget to write down you ID Site:

Then click on SAVE button. 

You are now able to launch the crawl. As soon as the crawl is finalized, you will see your crawled SEO data crossed with your AT Internet data.

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