Defining Relevant KPIs Training - 0.5 Day

Do you wish to effectively manage and drive your digital platforms, and have access to key indicators that are perfectly adapted to your activities, your positioning and your digital strategy?

Do you wish you could quickly and simply communicate this performance tracking to the relevant stakeholders and teams?

This training will help you understand the key methods and concepts of managing performance and defining KPIs. When paired with the Segmentation and Dashboards training modules, this training will enable you to put these concepts into practice by building a dashboard using a real data set.


⏱ 0.5 day

👨‍💼👩‍💼 Digital Analyst, Advanced Digital Analyst, Data Scientist, Administrator

🎯 Objectives:

  • Understand key principles of managing digital performances
  • Learn to define your own KPIs according to your digital goals
  • Work autonomously to create your own dashboards, enabling efficient decision-making
  • Acquire best practices for performance management and dashboarding for each business industry

🌍 AT Internet offices, Client offices

👉 Full training program here 

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