Enable the AutoTracking feature if you want to automatically measure events


An event is an action taken in an application (tap, zoom, scroll, …). In Live Tagging, these events can be declared as global (meaning common to all screens of the application).

Live (mode)

Live mode refers to the status of the interface when it is paired with an application

Live Tagging

Live Tagging is AT Internet’s web interface for managing and deploying mobile app tags


To manage your app tagging in the Live Tagging interface, you must pair a phone containing your application with the Live Tagging interface. In other words, you must connect the two so that information can flow between them.

Smart SDK

Smart SDK refers to the overall project, including the SDK component (SmartTracker) and the tagging interface (Live Tagging)


SmartTracker is the name of the dependency in the iOS SDK


The token is a unique identifier which lets you connect a Live Tagging tagging plan to your mobile application

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