Add an analysis to a dashboard

This feature is only available to users who have access rights to the Dashboard Manager.

To facilitate the sharing of data, Explorer features a bridge to the Dashboards application. You may select an analysis and then push it straight to a dashboard.

Go into the analysis you wish to add to a dashboard, then click “Send to” and select “Send to dashboard”.

Enter the required information into the configuration pop-up:

If you wish to push the analysis to an existing dashboard, first select the name of the desired dashboard. If this dashboard contains tabs, you must select the tab on which you want to place the analysis (1).  

If you wish to create a new dashboard, click on “New”, then enter a name for your new dashboard (2).

Then, select which of the analysis’ items you want to push to your dashboard: graph, table, or both (3).  

Finally, select the scope of analysis: use the sites already present in the dashboard, regardless of the site viewed in Explorer, or use the site(s) used in Explorer (4). Please note that in the latter case, the box that is created in the dashboard will be set to the site(s) in question. However, the site will not be added to the list of dashboards.

To finish sending the analysis to a dashboard, either click the button “Send and edit” to open the dashboard in a new window and continue editing it after the analysis has been added, or click “Send and close” to send the analysis, close the pop-up window, and return to the analysis in Explorer (5).

The items you’ve sent will be displayed one after the other at the end of the dashboard. You can then move the boxes wherever you’d like. The default setup is similar to the Explorer setup (graph, comparisons, sorting, filters, metrics…), but you can of course edit the data set as you wish and select other types of graphs.

You can then manipulate the data to your liking directly in the Dashboard Manager.

Access the Dashboards help documentation.


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