About Tealium

Tealium is the leader in real-time unified marketing solutions, helping brands seamlessly integrate their siloed applications and data, and drive more profitable interactions across all digital touch points. Tealium’s open platform for tag management and data enrichment enables marketers to bring order to chaos and build better customer experiences. Founded in 2008, Tealium was recently named to the Inc. 500, which recognises the fastest-growing private companies in America. The company’s award-winning solutions are used by hundreds of global enterprises, including Lufthansa, Orange, Lenovo, Urban Outfitters, Snow + Rock and TomTom.

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Differentiating points

  • Ecosystem composed of 1000 integrations
  • Reliable and proven architecture
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Full data control
  • Dynamic data layer management
  • Unified client data sources
  • Data Governance


AT Connect Tealium

AT Connect Tealium ensures you time savings on the implementation of your web analytics tools. A Tag Management System allows you to manage the life cycle of your tags without the need for coding. Deploy and configure your AT Internet variables via an intuitive interface without technical knowledge.

This connector allows you to improve the performance of your digital strategy and your marketing campaigns, in respect of your users’ data and the associated regulations.

  1. Centralised tag management: Consolidate the management of all your tags in a single interface and collect data from all your digital device (sites, mobile applications, etc.).
  2. Quick deployment: Simplify tag deployment and management without the need for your technical teams and improve your site’s performance. Take control of your marking in total autonomy without the help of your IT teams.
  3. Optimise your marketing performance: Unify your marketing campaigns across all your channels. Don’t miss any opportunities to generate revenue by accelerating the launch of your various campaigns through rapid implementation.
  4.  Standard integration: Benefit from AT Internet Tag integrated as standard in Tealium as well as 950 other markers. Connect AT Internet to the different solutions that compose your digital ecosystem.
  5.  Respect privacy rules and consent: Protect your users’ privacy. Easily manage compliance with consent and data privacy rules.
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