Import data to Mazeberry

The stream does not require any additional tagging, the entire activation process is performed by AT Internet and Mazeberry.

Connections developed for the partnership are:

  1. AT Internet exports (.csv) to a dedicated Mazeberry SFTP server, including touchpoints, paid and natural channels / campaigns, impressions, duration of the attribution window, details of campaign attributes
  2. API calls from Mazeberry to AT Internet to segment views (product, leads, clients, devices, ...)

The AT Connect Mazeberry stream can be simple (.csv export only) or duplicate (export .csv + API calls) depending on the customer's needs.

The CSV export is managed by AT Internet teams once the Mazeberry SFTP server is set up. If the requester wants to integrate segmentation (product, customer, etc.), Mazeberry will subsequently activate the API calls necessary to ensure the need.

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