Interconnect Matelso and AT Internet

1. How does the connector work ?

Matelso uses their webtracking.js file to retrieve the Unique Visitor ID from AT Internet when the phone number is displayed on the website. The Unique Visitor ID is readout from the cookie and is needed to link the call to the AT Internet data. It is necessary to use First-Party Cookie measurement from AT Internet so Matelso can have access to the cookie (more information at a later step).

  • Extract from webtracking.js file to get the Cookie value

_mat_conf.getATIUserId = function() {

if (typeof (_mat_conf.getCookie("atuserid")) != "undefined") {

return JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent(_mat_conf.getCookie("atuserid"))).val

} else {

return undefined



_mat_conf.getCookie = function(b) {

var a = document.cookie.match(b + "=([^;]*)");

return a ? a[1] : undefined


  • Example request sent to Matelso with AT Internet’s Unique Visitor ID"1551397272335"&mts_clid={3D9AADBF-23E6-E429-9CB1-04D669395D7F}&referrer=


2. Which information is provided ?

The basic request that can be sent by Matelso to other systems contains 7 different variables.



3. What does Matelso send to AT Internet ?


Parameter f3 (Caller’s Number) is not sent due to Data Privacy reasons.

  • Provided by ATI
  • Retrieved by Matelso
  • Static (The page hit sent will have the value “Call_Tracking”)
  • Dynamically set by Matelso

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