About Matelso

A lot of companies offer phone contact for their clients on their webpages. However, they mostly lack information about the usage of this feature, because the call (and maybe the offline conversion) can’t be explicitly assigned to the display of the phone number on the website. This leads to wrong attribution of marketing spending.

The objective of call tracking is to establish ties between the online and offline world. The effect of the possibility to contact someone at the company directly via phone can be measured by using a call tracking solution like Matelso. This is especially important for companies that don’t offer a direct conversion online, but rather drive visitors to make a request for contact.

More information: https://www.matelso.de/


Matelso provides a pool of phone numbers to their clients to assign one specific number to any single visitor on the client’s webpage. The pool range depends on the traffic volume (for Matelso’s biggest customer, 100,000 numbers are available). Once a website containing the phone number is loaded, this specific number will be linked with the appropriate visitor. Afterwards this information is sent to Matelso.

If the phone number is used, the call will then redirect to the client’s support centre. The connection will stay intact during the call to measure the call’s length. Matelso is functioning like a telecommunication provider.

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