Display of SimilarWeb data

1. Choose the api’s url

An API URL with SimilarWeb has the following structure :


  • atinternet.com: replace by the domain you want to study
  • %7BUserKey%7D: replace by your SimilarWeb UserKey
  • monthly: choose between daily/weekly/monthly to change the granularity of your data
  • cc: replace by the country you want the data to be from (format: ISO code)


2. Create a dataset

Open the DASHBOARD MANAGER, and create a new dataset by clicking on the dedicated icon [1]. Click on the arrow [2], and finally on external data [3].


Insert the URL of your choice [1], then choose the JSON format [2] as well as the “None” authentication mode [3]. Choose the custom format “yyyy-MM” [4]. Indicate also "start_date" and "end_date".


Important: If you want the results of your API call in function of the contextual bar and not in function of the settings of the API’s URL, don’t forget to put “start_date” and “end_date” in the date settings

Rename the dataset as you wish. Choose the metrics and dimensions you would like to use in the dataset. [1] Choose the metrics and dimensions you would like to use in the dataset [2]. You must choose at least one metric and one dimension. You can customize the chosen dimensions and metrics by renaming them [3].


3. Creation of a dashbaord

Click on the tab to open the list of available graph [1] then select the graph you would like to choose (in this example : Bar chart) [2]






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